Best Offset Smoker Under $1000 [2022]-Expert Reviews & Buying Guide

Top 1 best offset smoker under $1000

  1. Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Reverse Flow Smoker
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Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn Reverse Flow Smoker


Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Reverse Flow Smoker

Ready-to-Install Baffle Plates

The thermometer is Mounted on the Lid

Large Charcoal Basket

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Weber 22-inch Smokey Mountain Cooker, Charcoal Smoker


Weber 22-inch Smokey Mountain Cooker, Charcoal Smoker

Minimal Smoke

Simple Clean-Up

Keeping an eye on the temperature is easy with the lid thermometer.

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Traeger Grill Pro 575


Traeger Grill Pro 575

WiFi Controller

Cooking area of 780 square inches

D2 controller for doing a fine job at maintaining temerature

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Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Reverse Flow Smoker- Best Offset Smoker Under 1000

Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn Reverse Flow Smoker


A heavy-duty offset smoker with an effective design, Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Reverse Flow differs from others on the market with its heavier construction and robust build.

Initial Thought

Our first impression was of the dampers. They are simple to slide to make the slight tweaks required for accurate control of temperature. Additionally, we observed that the built-in thermometer provided a fairly accurate reading.

A premium charcoal basket was also given. It aids in maintaining the charcoal’s tight packing for a more effective burn. Additionally, since the firebox is so big, using clean wood rather than charcoal to smoke is indeed an option.

We did throw some little logs in once it started to add a little extra smoke. The big, swing-open firebox door builds it incredibly simple to wipe out the trash when it cleans up.

Additionally, the detachable baffle plates make it simple to clean the normally challenging reverse flow inside. Since the grates are made of sturdy, porcelain-coated wire, they are very simple to clean. We can say it is the best smoker under 1000.

Best Key Features

Usage Efficiency

  • For pretty accurate regulating body temperature, high-quality dampers are simple to be using.
  • A big swing firebox door provides an easy approach to maintenance.
  • Grates with porcelain coatings prevent rust and are long-lasting.
  • The unit can be easily moved due to the device’s robust, large wheels.
  • Dependable thermometer
  • Baffle plates that may be removed for ease of cleaning


  • A strong overall impression of the layout
  • Powerful 2.5 mm steel core
  • Significant cooking area
  • Improved airflow is provided via chimney holes on the side.
  • A great cook space is created by the reverse flow layout, which more evenly distributes heat and smoke.

Other Great Features

Ready-to-Install Baffle Plates

Appropriate temperature and smoke are delivered into the cooking chamber by 4 baffles that are secured behind porcelain-coated steel grates. It is possible to remove the baffle plates.

With a range of between 5 and 15°F throughout the cooking chamber, the four baffles effectively balance out the heat.

The thermometer is Mounted on the Lid.

A skilled temperature gauge is fitted on the lid for precise temperature control. To control heat and smoke, there are many movable dampers. It is possible to configure the food-making chamber as a sizable charcoal grill.

Simply remove the baffle plates, place the supplied charcoal grate inside the food preparation area, and get going.

Large Charcoal Basket

An effective burn, simpler fire maintenance, and speedier cleanup are all made possible by large charcoal baskets. Therefore, we change the Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Reverse into a conventional offset layout whenever we desire various thermal areas or greater airflow for a cleaner burn.

Comfortable Handles

We can keep our hands cool by using handles. The wheels of this offset smoker are big and resemble wagons for simple movement.

Fireplace Warming Area

For simple movement, these wheels resemble wagons. On the firebox, there is a warming space for heating plates and improving grilling variety.

The Drawback

Not perfectly distributed temperature

Despite the heat plates being too thin to completely prevent radiant heat from reaching the food closest to the firebox, the food near the fire still gets cooked faster.

Lack of a Tight Seal

Smokers lose heat and smoke when they vent. The heat cannot be maintained consistently. Without a seal, food frequently takes more time to prepare and needs more care.

Fuel Economy

Another issue that could arise is fuel economy. Changes must be made to prevent the potential for smoke to become considerably less effective.

What’s the Process for the Reverse Flow Layout?

It includes 4 baffle plates, which are placed beneath the cooking grate. As smoke enters the cooking chamber from the firebox, it flows along the bottom and beneath the baffle plates, filling the chamber as it reaches the end.

Compared to a standard offset smoker, this method produces a more uniform dispersal of smoke. However, by serving as a heating element, the baffle plates also aid in maintaining a more even heat over the width of the cooking chamber.

Without needing to arrange the meat according to hotter and colder places, more evenly distributed heat and smoke enable it to set, usually with amazing outcomes.


  • The combined major cooking area is 751 sq., while the supplementary cooking area is 309
  • Grills and smokers that use charcoal.
  • 226 lbs. in weight
  • Enormously large size accommodates up to 8 pounds of pork shoulder or beef or six pieces of baby back ribs.
  • Reaches a height of 55.5
  • We can observe the temperature without opening the lid due to the included calibrated thermometer.
  • The smoker is painted with high-temperature material to maintain its aesthetic appeal during usage.
  • Backflow and conventional offset smoking are both options for the additional smokestack.
  • Dimensions 3 in.across by 35.5 in. deep.
  • Cooking grates with porcelain coating prevent food from sticking to them.
  • There is a large stainless steel charcoal basket within the firebox for an effective burn, simple fire management, and extremely simple cleaning.
  • For improved heat protection and longevity, choose 2.5mm cold-rolled steel.
  • To store equipment and ingredients, there is a large metal rack here on the bottom and front.
  • An area on top of the firebox can be used as a warming area for finished foods before they are served.
  • The size of the wagon-style wheels makes relocation simple.
  • Come with a two-year guarantee on all components, such as the lid and firebox.

Generally Speaking

Featuring a built-in temperature gauge and high-quality dampers for a great smoking experience in the backyard, this smoker is durable and offers an unsurpassed smoking experience.

The Longhorn Reverse is a fantastic deal on a fantastic barbeque that will last for more home-dinner parties. As a result of its great features, it is the best offset smoker for over 1000.

  • Ready-to-Install Baffle Plates
  • The thermometer is Mounted on the Lid
  • Large Charcoal Basket
  • Not perfectly distributed temperature
  • Lack of a Tight Seal

Best Offset Smoker Under $1000

Nowadays, a variety of smoking techniques are used on a wide range of foods. But to improve food flavour and reduce pollution in the atmosphere, the best offset smoker under $1000 is the perfect method.

The offset smoker is typically well-built with premium components and craftsmanship. Due to the presence of a distinct firebox, they provide a huge cooking area that retains heat and smoke quite effectively.

There are several choices available when it comes to the best offset smokers under $1000. True sort of smokers is a cost-effective choice that will provide anyone with years of smoking pleasure in their own garden.

The smoke travels in a straight line, removing hotspots and imparting a strong smoke flavour to the food. Due to this, choosing the best offset smoker under 1000 dollars will provide excellent meals as well as excellent quality and protection.

Here is the best offset smoker under $1000

  1. Weber 22-inch Smokey Mountain Cooker, Charcoal Smoker
  2. Traeger Grill Pro 575

1. Weber 22-inch Smokey Mountain Cooker, Charcoal Smoker – Best Offset Smoker Under 1000 Dollars

Weber 22-inch Smokey Mountain Cooker, Charcoal Smoker

The Smokey Mountain Cooker 22-inch is the largest, latest, and best offset smoker under 1000 dollars. It is a premium bullet-shaped charcoal smoker.

The Smokey Mountains cook at a wonderfully constant temperature for hours, and with this little design, adjusting or lowering the heat is reasonably simple; simply open and close the vent.


There are numerous strategies the experts employ to create amazing meals, and it only takes a short time to learn them. We get 726 square in. of the cooking area from it.

What’s Included in The Package?

Inside the box, we get:

  • A water pan
  • The package holds the instruction booklet, legs, a lid handle, nuts, bolts, and washers.
  • A Covering
  • Two stainless steel cooking grates
  • An access door
  • A charcoal chamber
  • The base, main cooking portion, and lid are all porcelain-enamelled
  • A steel ‘charcoal grate.’

Initial Thought

On initial inspection, Smokey Mountain is nearly impressive. It’s quite simple to assemble. It is nice that they have included a grommet on the side to make it easier for remote thermometer probe wires to pass through.

It operates without a hitch and is simple to use and clean. It’s great to have two cooking grates in the central chamber. The bottom one sits halfway down, while the top one rests on top, giving us two times the cooking surface.

We can also clearly see the enormous advantage the large access side door offers. We can easily fill the water pan and charcoal box through the broad door, and we can also use them to reach the smoked wood and charcoal.

Adding fuel, wood, or water does not require assembling the smoker and/or removing the top for accessibility.

Best Key Features

  • Temperature regulation is made simple with rust-resistant dampers.
  • Excellent porcelain enamelled body that resists warping in hot environments
  • Fuel addition is simple, with no need to remove the meat due to a distinct fuel door.
  • Works with the Weber iGrill 2 to enhance the cooking with some technology.
  • Prepares BBQ that will win competitions.
  • Vertically compact size
  • Among the market’s most comprehensive warranty
  • There is a constructed water pan; the meat won’t dry out throughout prolonged cooking.
  • We can prepare a variety of foods due to two cooking grates.

Other Great Features

Controlling the Temperature

Keeping an eye on the temperature is easy with the lid thermometer, so we won’t have to constantly use a probe thermometer. This makes grilling much more practical, especially if we need to multitask.

Simple Clean-Up

Cleaning the grates made of chromium is simple. It’s quite easy to clean this smoker. We only have to rinse the water pan, remove the remains, and discard the leftover charcoal after cleaning the two cooking grates.

Additionally, it is suggested that after the grills have cooled, the inside be cleaned with a moist towel. Consequently, the collected smoke won’t flake off and end up in our meals.

Checking the Temperature

With this equipment, controlling and maintaining an appropriate, consistent temperature within the smoker won’t be a challenge. It contains a silicone temperature grommet that makes it easier to regulate the inside temperature without frequently making modifications.

Good for Grilling

No matter whether we’re preparing ribs on the grill or smoking them, the Smokey Mountain cooker smoker provides genuine flavour to the meat. The smoker is a unique exception due to its consistent taste.

Minimal Smoke

Grilling will inevitably create smoke, but this model emits less than numerous other grills. This is advantageous since we can grill for a longer duration of time without getting annoyed by the smoke’s smell.

Additionally, it doesn’t hurt our eyes or make inhaling harder.

The Drawback

The door is Not Tightly Sealed

The access door is a little fragile and simple to flex, which results in a loose fit and lets heat and smoke out. Although there are third-party alternatives available, if we modify it or stretch it flat before inserting it, it should work. Although not flawless, it is nevertheless good.

Simple Advice for Making the Most Of

  • You can quickly set up a kettle grill using only the bottom part of the smoker and a cooking grate. Consequently, anyone can grill and smoke.
  • Before using, cover the water pan with foil for simple cleanup since beef fat may leak into it.
  • We can lose smoke and temperature if we peek under the lid without reason.
  • Make sure anything on the bottom doesn’t prohibit the top rack from getting sufficient heat and smoke during 2-layer cooking.

Generally Speaking

With time and patience, the smoker gives excellent outcomes. It’s pretty easy to assemble, and the capacity is ideal for modest home-cooked food. We don’t generally host huge groups, so a small barbecue is great for all of us.

An offset wood smoker provides the benefit of more conveniently accessible grill space and a superior taste of pure wood smoke. Furthermore, it is the best offset smoker for 1000.

  • Minimal Smoke
  • Simple Clean-Up
  • Keeping an eye on the temperature is easy with the lid thermometer.
  • The door is Not Tightly Sealed

2. Traeger Grill Pro 575 – Best Offset Smoker for 1000

Traeger Grill Pro 575

The Pro Series 575 is the most recent advancement in cooking innovation, employing wifire new tech that allows us to watch and control our grill from the Traeger app on our smartphone at any time and from any location.

This smoker produces excellent outcomes whether we cook slowly for 8 hours or longer. We can say it’s the best offset smoker over 1000.


The Traeger Pro 575 performed admirably. It’s equitably simple to use, provides an adequate cooking area, is long-lasting, and offers a long guarantee.

Initial Thought

The quality is instantly apparent. Assembly is quick and easy. The design and layout are far superior. To begin cooking, we must undergo a 15-minute startup phase in which the Traeger burns some pellets inside the vent hood and prepares the grill.

We begin by determining the appropriate cooking temperature. The Traeger warms to that temperature and keeps it for hours, and also we can alter it using the LCD or this mobile application. It smokes meat exceptionally well at low temperatures.

Though it is not just excellent for smoking, it’s also among the finest grills for slow cooking for 8 hours or longer with intermittent pellet alerts. It performs as well when used for traditional indirect grilling when the lid is on.

Good Key Features

Multiple Wood Pellet

The smoker will use 14 various kinds of wood pellets, including hickory, cherry, oak, apple, pecan, and maple. Each one subtly imparts a distinctive aroma to meals. Whatever type of grill we’re using, it creates a variety of superb rubs and spices that are well worth seeking out.

D2 Controller

The D2 controller does a good job of maintaining the heat at a range that is fairly constant with few changes, much like an electric stove. Even when cooking foods for extended periods and coming back twice or three times to turn them over, nothing burned throughout our tests.

If we set a temperature of, let’s say, 200°C, it remains there or inside this range for however long it is necessary or until the meat probe indicates that the grilling or cooking operation is complete.

Very Convenient

The Traegers have a function dubbed TurboTemp for fast pre-heating as well as less heat loss while lifting the lid. During testing, we discovered that the Pro 575 preheated to 350 degrees in less than 10 minutes.

Cooking Space

There are two grates in the Pro 575’s cooking chamber, one large (measuring 425 sq. in.) and one smaller (measuring 150 sq. in.) It has a total cooking area of 780 square inches, which is adequate for larger gatherings or extended families.


We used the Traeger Fin and Feathers rub to slow roast a leg of lamb that had been cut all over, packed with halved garlic cloves, and then coated with the seasoning. We baked it at 105 degrees Celsius for about seven and a half hours.

The incredibly soft lamb leg had a great smoke ring and was delicious.

Wifi Controller

The smoker’s Wi-Fi connectivity is restricted to the 2.4 GHz router; therefore, if we own a 5 GHz router, it must also transmit at 2.4 GHz for the grill to be configured. We can control the grill’s heat, set time limits, send out warnings, and even shut it off through the app.

However, we are unable to activate the grill straight from the app. By pressing the ignite button on the control panel manually, we must start the process. It’s a wonderful safety feature that helps to prevent unintentional grill activation.

The Drawback

Power up Electrical Outlet

The necessity for an adapter to power the grill is the most obvious one. The grill might not be the best option for us if we don’t already own one in our yard and if we want to cook outside.

Not Good Searing

When compared to other grills that can achieve high temperatures of about 550°F or higher, the Pro 575 doesn’t provide a better sear. Therefore, it would not be the best choice if you intend to conduct a lot of searing.

Our attempt to sear a batch of chicken wings at roughly 350°F for about 30 minutes resulted in wonderful, delicious flesh, but regrettably, the skin was mushy and pallid, not the usual crisp that we wanted.

Tips for Cleaning a Traeger

It’s simpler than we thought to keep the smoker clean. Now and then, we’ll have to open it to access the firepot so that we can vacuum the ash accumulation. The Traeger 575 Pro comes with a drip tray beneath the grill and a thick aluminium foil sheet that fits on top of it.

One-time-use foil drip liners are included with the grill, fully encasing the metal tray. Alternatively, a few pieces of aluminium foil put in strategic places will work. These are purchased separately.

The grease then drips off of this liner and into the tiny pail that is suspended from the outside. Additionally, the pail includes a few foil liners, allowing cleanup quite simple.

Generally Speaking

Most of the meats were suitably cooked, as we had anticipated. The wood pellet grill will consistently cook a variety of meat, so if you need to cook a variety of meat, this is the best smoker under 1000.

Additionally, it’s perfect if you want a smart grill that you can operate remotely with your phone.

  • WiFi Controller
  • Cooking area of 780 square inches
  • D2 controller for doing a fine job at maintaining temerature
  • Not Good Searing
  • The necessity to prower the grill with an adapter is most obvious one.

Comparison No.1 Vs No.3 Offset Smoker


Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Reverse Flow Smoker

Traeger Grill Pro 575

Cooking Space 751 sq. In. 575 sq. In.
Power Source Fuel Powered Corded Electric
Fuel Type Charcoal Wood Pellet
Weight 226 Pounds 124 Pounds
Item Dimension 35.5 L” x 64.25 W” x 55.5 H” in 27 L” x 41 W” x 53 H” in.

What to Consider When Purchasing A High-Quality Offset Smoker

Choosing the finest offset smoker for our individual needs can be fairly difficult. The following variables must be taken into account to make sure choose the ideal offset smoker for the requirements:

  • Construction and Design Quality: To reduce heat loss and maintain a constant temperature throughout, look for a heavy-duty smoker. Additionally, make sure the handles’ insulator, as well as the lids of the cooking chamber and firebox, are tightly sealed.
  • Size: consider the equipment’s size. The metal of heavy-gauge 14-inch thickness is used to make the best offset smoker for 1000. To move the smoker, the base needs to be sturdy and movable.
  • Temperature Indicators: Make sure to select a model that is primarily comprised of metal. It should be capable of enduring the heat and have a nice paint quality that doesn’t peel off in extreme heat.

The regulation of heat is a simple task to accomplish in the best offset smoker under 1000.

  • Source of Fuel: There are some models with the firebox located at the backside, although most have it connected to the end of the cooking chamber.
  • Good Ventilation: By controlling oxygen flow, an offset smoker can control its temperature. Oxygen is a key component of fire, and the more oxygen there is, the hotter it will burn.

We use vents to regulate the temperature of our grills in this manner. We won’t be able to control the temperature, which is essential for effective smoking, if the vents are too small or difficult to modify.

  • Maintenance and Upkeep: It’s crucial to keep the equipment well-maintained. Therefore, we should choose a version that isn’t too difficult to clean off. Make cleaning the smoker after each uses a habit for it to endure a long time.

FAQS: Best Offset Smoker Under $1000

The Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn Reverse Flow offers the general public a stronger design, a better practical layout, and a more durable structure. It has detachable baffle plates and a changed chimney configuration, which causes the smoke to move differently.

Instead of passing directly through the smoker, it is now routed beneath the baffles and then back over the meat before leaving through the smokestack. Those looking for traditionally smoked meats from a long-lasting, high-quality smoker without an outrageous price tag should consider the smoker.

The Bottom Line

To purchase the best offset smoker under $1,000, you need to first consider the budget, the available space, and how simple the smoker is to maintain. But, users should also consider the reviews that this grill and brand have received.

We came to the conclusion that Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn deserves to appear at the top of our rankings as the best offset smoker under $1000 due to its incredible functionality, simple operation, and gorgeous appearance.

We genuinely hope that our effort will assist you in finding what you’re seeking, whether you select to purchase this offset smoker or a different version.