Can You Use Charcoal in A Gas Grill?[Complete Guide]

Grills are designed in different possible ways. Some are advanced, some are single-tasking, and some are multitasking. Some grills provide access to charcoal too. We can use charcoal in a grill as well.

Some grills have charcoal trays as an optional accessory. This change allows the grill grates to be replaced with charcoal trays. Charcoal trays are a great invasion. Adding charcoal trays means you won’t have to use charcoal fluid.

In that way, you can preserve the taste of your food. As the charcoal burns, it starts to drip and fall into the tray below and does not create any mess on the grill.

As the grilling season starts, more and more questions are popping up on grilling, and the most asked question we have seen is can you use charcoal in a gas grill? Today we are here to clear your mind regarding this question.

Can You Use Charcoal in A Gas Grill?

Can You Use Charcoal in A Gas Grill

As we have told you above about how convenient the grills have become below, we will answer your questions like can you use charcoal in a gas grill? You’ll find all your answers with the correct methods to use grills.

1- Can You Put Charcoal in A Gas Grill?

Can You Put Charcoal in A Gas Grill

Nothing is impossible in the fast world. You can cook delicious, tasty, and lip-smacking recipes every weekend or at any gathering. You can cook anything you want, depending on which grill you use.

Some grills have options for replacing the grill grates with charcoal trays that allow you to place the charcoal on the burner, while others do not have those options.


Charcoal trays come in a variety that allows you to load charcoal into the grill. The charcoal tray will use the grill’s auto-ignition or burner system to burn the charcoal, so you do not have to burn the charcoal separately.

It will burn up with the help of an automatic lighter that is fixed inside the grill.

Easy To Clean:

The other good thing is charcoal tray does not create a mess inside the grill. When the charcoal burns inside the grill, it drips inside the tray. You can easily remove the tray and clean it without fuss and mess.

Do Not Use:

If the grill does not have the charcoal option, do not even think about placing the charcoal inside the grill. Placing the charcoal tray with a shovel can damage the expensive and delicate parts of the grill.

To be on the safe side, check the instruction copy to see whether you can place charcoal inside the grill. I mean, can you use it inside the grill or charcoal in a gas grill? If not, you must buy a smoker box to create artificial smoke inside the grill.

2- Can You Use Charcoal Briquettes in A Gas Grill?

Can You Use Charcoal Briquettes in A Gas Grill

It is highly recommended to use something other than briquettes inside the grill for many grills. They can create a lot of mess inside the grill, block some passages with dirt and debris, or harm or damage the expensive parts of the grill.


Grills are designed to handle the automatic heat created by the burners already fixed inside the grill. The burners are created and fixed inside the grills according to the grill’s capacity.

They cannot afford and handle the human-made heat created after burning charcoal.

You Can Use the Following:

On the other hand, ceramic briquettes are highly favoured by chefs and 10% of people around the world who can do hard work or are highly professional.


There is also leniency, where it is highly prohibited not to use briquettes in the grill. The fuss that will create after grilling tires, you will take time to clean the grill and the clogs, but you can wash and scrub away all the dirt from the grill.

Scrubbing and washing immediately after grilling can harm you. Scrub, brush and wipe the briquettes when they are cold; cleaning them hot can also burn your hand.

3- Can I Add Charcoal to My Gas Grill?

Can I Add Charcoal to My Gas Grill

First, you should check the instruction copy that came along with the grill. If it permits using charcoal inside the grill, you can use it because the grill is designed according to it.

If it is not allowed, you must not use charcoal inside the grill because the dust from charcoal can clog the grill’s passage, damaging the expensive parts of the grill or dripping charcoal can leave stains on the grill.

The second best way is to consult a grill specialist or shop from where you bought the grill; they can guide you better.

4- How to Use a Gas Grill with Charcoal?

How to Use a Gas Grill with Charcoal

If your gas grill is charcoal bearable, it will be very easy to use charcoal inside the grill. You just must put the charcoal inside the grill; it will automatically ignite with the help of a fixed lighter.

The second method is to burn the charcoal and place it inside the grill, place the coal at the side, and close the lid. After a few minutes, when the charcoal has created a lot of smoke, place some herbs on the coals and let them spread the smell.

While cooking on the gas grill, the gas does not unplug. It cooks the meat while the smoke from the charcoal is used to add a smokey taste and deliciousness to meat/chicken.

5- Using Charcoal in Gas Grill

Using charcoal in a gas grill seems simple but is more complex than it looks. You can cook a variety of food on a gas grill; the one thing you cannot do is give your food a smokey flavour.

Most people ask and search on google can you use charcoal in a gas grill? It depends on what kind of grill you are using. Some grills are expensive, but they do not allow charcoal inside them.

Falling embers: Grills are created to cook on the burner’s heat. Grills cannot get along with heat created by charcoal. On the other hand, falling embers can be hazardous, and the heat from charcoal can damage the grill.

Modern grills: modern grills are designed to work on gas. It depends on the company whether they allow charcoal as a secondary fuel or not in a grill. But these grills are so expensive sometimes they cannot handle gas and charcoal together.

FAQs: Can You Use Charcoal in a Gas Grill?

You can cook charcoal-flavoured food inside the grill. Burn the charcoal and let it create smoke. Close the gas grill lid. Put some oil on the charcoal and some herbs. Close the lid again.

This time place the food inside of it on a gas grill with some charcoal. In this way, you can have charcoal-flavoured food.

Yes, you can use charcoal briquettes in a gas grill. You must be so conscious while using briquettes in a gas grill. Because it can create a mess inside the grill, damage the expensive parts, or block the passage of gas.

Wrap Up

While using charcoal in a gas grill, if it is allowed, you have to be very conscious and careful because grills are fragile as babies and safety and precaution are the first step toward success.

If it is not allowed, you should not use it and must not do experiments with it; it can damage the expensive parts of the grill.

We tried our best to answer whether you can use charcoal in a gas grill, and we hope for your satisfaction. We are anticipating that you have found what you were looking for and it guided you with the best and ended all your curiosities.

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