How To Cook Burgers On Traeger?[Complete Guide]

How To Cook Burgers On Traeger

 Wanna have a burger but do not want to go to a restaurant due to hygiene issues, let’s make a restaurant-style burger at your own home by investing in Traeger, as its wood palette will provide you with the exact taste that you are craving.

But people get anxious and furious about ways and methods of how to cook burgers on Traeger, so this article is in support of this. Burgers are a perfect choice for dinner if you are a fast food lover.

 But it r needs to be cooked carefully as over or under cooking, adding too or fewer spices, and stuffing over or under veggies, and the most important selection is the right choice of ground beef; all of them can make or destroy the charm of your burgers.

How To Cook Burgers On Traeger?

How To Cook Burgers On Traeger

All the things need to be learned by learning the ways and methods. You will be able to do anything successfully. Once you have learned, you can do anything with perfection, whether it is easy or hard.

So how to cook burgers on Traeger brings you a tender, juicy and crispy taste if you follow the tips and methods properly. Here are some tips for cooking burgers on Traeger.


Cleaning is a must before using anything, so cleaning your Traeger grill before and after use is mandatory as the chimney of the Traeger grill accumulates a lot of embers from the burning pellet, so its affects the way the grill burns.

By it’s hard to set the temperature of your treager grill, so you must be sure that before you start cooking a burger, your Traeger grill will be as clean as a crystal. 

2-Amount of Wood Pellets

As a car needs petrol or CNG for operating, the generator needs fuel, and UPS needs a battery; similarly, Traeger needs wood pellets for starting their heating process.

Usually, it is built-in at the corner side of the Traeger grill, so before starting cooking on your Traeger grill, you must check out the appropriate amount of wood pellets present if it does not, then add the wood pellets before starting cooking your appetizing burger.

3-Smoke Mode

Before placing your burger on Traeger, you should set the Traeger to smoke mode for at least 5 to 10 minutes but remember to open the oven of the grill as it will help smoothly pass the smog out as will bring a smoky taste to your burgers 

4-Heat Up

Before starting cooking on Traeger, you should warm up the Traeger grill just like you heat the oil before frying anything, as it will also reduce the timing of cooking the burger on Traeger.

The grill’s temperature must be between 400 to 450, as you can increase it up to 500. Preheating the grill also provides you with the crispy texture of the burger’s beef patty.

5-Spreading Aluminum Foil

Whatever you cook on the Traeger grill, whether it is a burger or steak, some waste remains on the grill, so you have to deep clean your stranger after every time you cook on it, although it has drip pans to collect the waste.

But still, it required cleaning the grill to maintain the quality of your Traeger, so by spreading the aluminum foil, you do not need to deep clean every time you cook. Just take out the dirty aluminum foil from the oven and then lightly clean the oven.

6-Ground Beef

The most important part of the burger is ground beef, as it can destroy or enhance the taste of your burger, so be careful while choosing it. As you go to the store, look at the ground beef label, but it is sometimes just a mash of random cuts that have been together.

So you know the specific types of ground beef for cooking your burger, as you can say it’s the main component of your burger. Here are some types of ground beef:

1-Ground Sirloin

It comes from the cow’s midsection, and it contains 7 to 10 percent fat as it contains low fat but still provides you with tastily and wholesome beef flavour.

2-Ground Round

It is lean and tough and also contains low fat (less than 10%), so it will not provide you with the desired taste you are craving.

3-Ground Chunks

It comes from the cow’s shoulder cut and normally contains fat between 15 to 20 percent, rich in flavors, and too tender and juicy 

Due to its higher contain fat, it is higher in level as compared to ground sirloin and ground round. If you are a lover of juicy flavorsome then you go for this type of cut of beef.

7-Season Your Burger

Season Your Burger

It is also a very important component of your burger as extra spices or veggies could make or ruin your burger, so whenever you are going to add spices, remember the main purpose is to achieve the desired taste of the burger.

While adding spices, always go for dry herbs and spices and avoid using fresh spices as dry herbs and spices. Overloading burgers with too many spices or veggies could ruin the taste of urge so try to keep them as simple as possible.

8-Size of The Burger Patty

Determination of the size of the burger Patty is key to the success of your burger. As the expert says,” the thicker the size of your burger patty would make it more tempting .” so remember, never reduce the size of your burger patty.

Unique burger sizes normally range from a quarter pound to 6 ounces, but you can also increase the size up to 8 ounces making your patty one and a half inches thick.



As you can say, a burger is not a burger without cheese. There is no science regarding when to add cheese, but from personal experience, if the cheese melts within a burger, then it will give a better taste 

So when your burgers are done from one side and partially done from another side, as you can say, only 2 or 3 minutes remaining from another side, then add a layer of cheese and close the range; believe me, it will give you the desired taste.

FAQs: How To Cook Burgers On Traeger?

Flip it once only when one side is done, as you can say in the middle of the process, because again and again, flipping will flip out all delectable, mouthwatering, and appetizing luscious.

After heating your Traeger grill, put your frozen burgers on Traeger and leave them to cook until you see the juicy, luscious, or brown crispy exterior. Then. Then flip it once and let them cook alone on the grill until the same as you see from another side.

After preheating the grill at the temperature of 325•F to 350•F, you need to cook frozen burgers at the internal temperature of 165•F. Heating the grill before placing your frozen burger is necessary.

Firstly make the mixture of turkey, mustard, bell peppers, and green onions in a bowl,, then divide the mixture into eighteight burger patties and shape your patties evenly rounded. Then preheat the grill and place your turkey patties and let them cook for 20 minutes flip it once in the middle until fully cooked.


Lovers of fast food are around everywhere as burgers can be used for dinner, lunch as well as snack time, so cooking on a Traeger grill will make it easy to cook burgers as well as provide you such a delicious, mouthwatering taste too.

How to cook burgers on Traeger is not a difficult task if you properly follow the steps that are required for this and make sure that you buy that ground beef that is too suitable for your burgers.