How To Slow Cook Tri-Tip on Gas Grill?[8 Easy Steps]

The meat was the first thing I tried to cook. I succeeded in my first attempt. A tri-tip is the best and fatty part of a buffalo’s/ cow’s body. It’s very thick and juicy and cooks very eatable and chewy. I always cooked simple meals.

In my heart, I always wanted to try something new and big, and tri-tip was the first thing that popped into my mind, but I wondered how to slow-cook tri-tip on gas grill. Yes, we all are facing the same problem.

This is a common problem for people who have just initialized the habit of cooking. In my article, you will not only find a satisfactory solution but also answers to all your questions.

How To Slow Cook Tri-Tip on Gas Grill?

How To Slow Cook Tri-Tip on Gas Grill

A tri-tip is a very fine piece of meat that cooks beautifully. It cooks slowly on a mild fire. It’s thick and takes time to cook. At the same time, full fire will burn it. The more time it takes to cook, the more it will become tender.

However, there are many ways to cook delicious and mouthwatering tri-tip steak. The Internet is flooded with thousands of recipes. All we need is a little help and effort; with little effort, you can cook delicious heavenly tri-tip. Let’s have a look at one recipe:

Step 1 – Clean Tri-Tip

First, you must clean it and remove all the extra skin and fats from its body. If you are buying it from the store and it is seal packed, there is only needed to wash it because it is already cleaned.

Step 2 – Wash the Blood

If you buy it fresh from a butcher’s shop, you need to clean it properly because it may have blood and many other things.

Step 3 – Dry it

Dry the piece of tri-tip carefully, and soak all the water from it. Remove all the water from it. It will help make it tender, and soft and dry pieces will cook less.

Step 4 – Make A Mixture

Mix a mixture of melted butter, salt, black pepper, parsley, and coriander powder well. Crash two to three garlic cloves and mix them well with the first mixture.

Step 5 – Apply the Mixture on The Tri-Tip

Apply the mixture all over a tri-tip apply all over it equally. Now place it on a gas grill and let it cook slowly.

Step 6 – Time to Cook It

One side of the tri-tip takes almost 15 to 20 minutes to cook perfectly. After 15 to 20 minutes, change the side and leave the other side on the grill to be cooked. Because we are cooking on a gas grill, the heat must be medium; otherwise, the tri-tip will burn.

Step 7 – Time for One Side

After 4 or 5 minutes, while cooking again, apply some butter mixture with a cooking brush because more and more butter will make it tender, buttery, soft, and chewable.

When you apply more and more butter, it gets soaked into the layers of meat and helps to make it a delicious pear.

Step 8 – Grill Marks

While cooking directly on the grill, the grill will leave marks on both sides of the meat. And they will look magnificently marvelous.

This is the only recipe for how to slow cook tri tip on gas grill. The Internet is flooded with thousands of new recipes, all different from each other and tasting different.

These recipes will help to cook not only delicious but very versatile food. We started with a simple and affordable recipe because how will we learn if we start with complicated ones? And in that recipe, all ingredients will already be available at home.

This was the healthy version of how to cook tri tip on gas grill. We are hoping that you will like it and you will try it at home.

Slow Cooking Tri-Tip on Grill

Slow Cooking Tri-Tip on Grill

As discussed above, how do you slow cook tri-tip on a gas grill? Here we will discuss how to slow-cook it on any grill. Let the grill heat up to 375 to 400 with the lid closed. If you heat the grill more, it may burn the steak.

Step 1 – Place Tri-Tip on The Grill

Place the piece of meat on it from the left side and close the lid to let it cook. Cook it for 5 minutes with a closed lid at low temperature, and you will get medium rare and dark brown marks on the left side of the steak.

Step 2 – Change the Side of It:

Change the direction to the right side and repeat the process. Now put the steak on the other cold side of the grill to get juicy and medium rare steak. But look at the temperature of the grill. It must not cross a temperature above 400.

Step 3 – Wrap It in Aluminium/Tin Foil

Take the meat out of the grill and wrap it in tin/aluminum foil to soak all the tastes and proper temperature. Now slice it into beautiful small slices and place them on the serving plate.

Step 4 – Add Sauce (If You Want)

Most people avoid any sauce with steak. They prefer to eat it and rub it with butter. If you want any sauce, try BBQ sauce, it will taste delicious with steak.

Step 4 – Side Dish

You can also try baked potatoes or mushrooms with roasted asparagus, cranberries, and feta.

Step 5 – Salad

Serve it with crunchy broccoli salad or corn and black bean salad or corn, bacon and jalapeno salad as a side dish to enhance the taste and appetite.

Slow Cooking Tri-Tip on Gas Grill

Tri-tip cooks deliciously when we cook on low heat. And grill stains make it perfect. Tri-tip always cooks perfectly with a slow flame on a gas grill.

If you try to coat a tri-tip with chickpea flour and other spices instead of making it tastier, it will make it tasteless and leave it uncooked.

FAQs: How to Slow Cook a Tri Tip on Gas Grill?

The majority of people like medium rare steak, but I like steak fully cooked. I cook my steak for almost 35 minutes in a pan with a lot of butter. Nice brown, tender tri-tip bewitched me a lot. And I forgot everything while eating it.

Wrap Up:

I tried my best to answer how to slow cook tri tip on gas grill. I have been searching about it a lot, and after a lot of research I came up with the answer, and I am hoping that after reading that article you will be satisfied a bit like me, and I answered all of your questions as I said above.

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