How to Use a BBQ Smoker Box?[5 Easy Steps]

Recently got your hands on a BBQ Smoker Box? Well, welcome to the club. As a senior member with significant experience, let me tell you how to use a BBQ smoker box to make delicious food with an appetizing smoke flavor.

Using a smoker box to replace our propane grill with a wood-burning BBQ smoker is easy to achieve the smokey taste without buying a smoker. Heating the smoker box causes the wood chips to shoulder, releasing smoke from the smoker box through its vents.

How to Use a BBQ Smoker Box?

How to Use a BBQ Smoker Box

We are in flight of information for getting the smoker box ready and dealing with how to use a BBQ smoker box. Clean your smoker box well before putting it into use and adding wood chips. Otherwise, the box will get hot and burn the chips.

Well, in that case, those will also burn that must be entered into your foods will not only be from wood chips. Take dish soap and water and thoroughly clean the smoking box immediately after rinsing and drying the box.

Let’s move to the further options for how to use a BBQ smoker box; here are steps to follow;

1.    Preheat The Grill and Clean the Grates

Preheating and cleaning your grill gates can also help to burn any to remove old grease that may be present, which will reduce the amount of foul smoke produced. Allow all the nasty smoke to disperse before beginning to cook your food.

Preheating the grill will allow you to bring the grates to a proper temperature for heating the smoker box by using a decent grill brush to clean the grates as thoroughly as possible. Preheat the grill for almost 15 to 20 minutes before lowering the burners.

2.    Fill The Box with Smoking Chips

Now, the next is to fill the smoker box with your favorite bag of wood chips. Suppose I have cooking ribs or briskets. The combination of applewood and cherrywood produces a beautiful taste for chicken and pork. Oak is perfect for a variety of beef cuts, including briskets.

Mesquite has a strong taste and is particularly well suited for cooking red meat. These are all about how to use a BBQ smoker box. Don’t overfill the smoker box! Just add enough wood chips to fill the box and close the lid to fit tightly. u

3.    Place The Smoker Box on The Grill

Now, if I consider the following scenario, if your grill has two burners, turn on one of them, position the smoker box over it, and turn off the second burner. Try not to place the smoker burner far away from the grill’s burner.

Instead, a grill with two heat zones is set up for indirect cooking. I prepare the meat with the use of indirect heat, resulting in tender and tasty meat. The other burners might also be used if you are not cooking smoking meat but grilling a steak.

4.    Adjust The Burner Once the Box Is Smoking

Once the smoker box and wood chips have reached the proper temperature, smoke flows from the smoker box. Now we can adjust the burners. Let the grill reach the correct internal temperature, or you may also need to add extra wood chips to the smoker box.

5.    Place The Meat on The Grill and Close the Lid

The movement you have been waiting for has finally arrived. It’s time to cook some BBQ! Now we take all the steps, and the smoker box becomes hot, and a good amount of smoke comes out from the grill.

How To Use a Smoker Box on A Gas BBQ?

How To Use a Smoker Box on A Gas BBQ

Fear not if you want to get into smoking foods but only have a gas grill. You can still make it work. Is it easy to use smoke on a gas grill? Yes! You can plan to cook a lot of barbecues. The best place for a smoker box is on a gas grill directly on your bars.

If we all have a gas grill, don’t think that delicious BBQ is not reached. It almost has the same aspects with different concepts and a few differences in how to use a BBQ smoker box and a smoker box on a gas BBQ.

1)  Create A Two Zone Indirect Heat Setup

Before we go through the step-by-step instructions for smoking a grill, let’s move to some basics. For a gas grill, which means a prepared two-zone indirect setup. The grill will have a “hot zone” and a “cool zone”. The ability to control the temperature for a long time.

To prepare that, at least one burner should be turned provide heat, try to maintain the temperature below 300° F.A water pan is optional but serves two purposes.

  1. The water acts as a heat sink, stabilizing the internal grill temperature.
  2. Adds humidity to the cooking chamber throughout the cook.

2) Gas Grill Burner Configuration for Low and Slow

If I have two-burner grills, you can have only one on and the other off. If we place the smoker box directly on the heat source gas burner, it will catch fire in the smoker box.

Place the smoker box above the heat source, not on the heat source! On my gas grill, a smoker box is filled with 1 ½ cups of smoking chips placed above the hottest burner, which will take 15-20 minutes to produce smoke.

3)  Place The Smoker Box on Gas Grill

If we use a gas grill, lower the smoker box on top of a burner. If your gas grill is not placed on a higher setting, one way is to go high up so your smoker box will get hot enough and the chops will start smoking better.

4) Get Grilling

Once you have reached the right temperature, you can start grilling as usual. Your chips last about 2 hours. But if we are smoking too large, like pore or brisket, plan to add more chips about 2 hours before starting the barbecue.

How To Use a Smoker Box on A Charcoal BBQ?

How To Use a Smoker Box on A Charcoal BBQ

Adding a smoker box to your grill is a great way to add flavors to your favorite meat. Knowing how to use a BBQ smoker box is overwhelming if you are unsure what to do. Following simple instructions can make the difference between using it correctly.

Step 1: Season Your Smoker Box

When you first purchase your smoker box, a chemical residue will often be left behind. If it happens, you must take time to season the box to eliminate grease. To season your smoke box,

We have to wash the box with soap and water, leave it to dry, and then place it into the grill. Turn the grill to as high of heat as possible and leave your smoker box in it for 20-30 minutes.

Step 2: Choose the Types of Wood Chips to Use

Choosing the types of wood chips, you should use in your smoker box depends entirely on the flavor you want to still be in your food. If you want a strong and tasty flavor, we should think about wood chips made from hickory.

Step 3: Fill The smoker with wood chips

Once you have seasoned your smoker box and chosen the wood chips you prefer for grilling, you are ready to load them into the smoker box. It would be best if you filled the wood chips with only about halfway to allow room for combustion.

Step 4: Warm up The Grill

The way to do this is to light the charcoal on the grill and give it time to heat up. As the charcoal heats, it is suggested that you keep the lid closed, so the charcoal heats the grill.

Step 5: Remove Grates and Place Your Smoker Box

Once you have determined that your charcoal is heated to the maximum temperature, you should be ready to begin the next step. This means that you should remove the grates and then place your smoker box grill. Remove the grates carefully.

Step 6: Place the Grates Back in Position

After you choose the perfect position for your smoker box, you might replace the grates. It would be best to place the smoker box correctly, or the grates will not be properly back in their positions. You must be careful when replacing the grates as the charcoal grill is hot.

Step 7: Put Your Food on Charcoal Grill

Now you have followed all the instructions on preparing and placing the smoker box on a charcoal grill. Whatever food you have to cook you will need to ensure that it is ready to go.

FAQS: How to Use A BBQ Smoker Box?

Our obsession with barbecue is an interesting one. Well, BBQ is about more than waiting. Its about great food cooked with a lick of fire and smoke and time enjoyed in the great outdoors with family and friends. Using a smoker box makes the food delicious.

Final Thoughts

Now, in the last lines, you must know how to use a BBQ smoker box. There’s nothing as flavorful as smoked meat to share when it comes to grilling. Good thing we have a handy smoker box. It gives us an irresistible smoked flavor for your grilled recipes.

All the ins and outs besides that, smoked meat can be a great way to spice up you’re cooking. Now you know how to use a BBQ smoker box on a grill, you can try out different meals and wood chips.