How to Use a Vertical Charcoal Smoker?[7 Easy Steps]

Grilling has always been the favourite time pass. Be it an event, a family get-together, or just a friend’s night out; grilling has always been the first and all-time favorite option.

Want to grill but don’t know How to use a vertical charcoal smoker? This article is the answer to your problem.

As long as you figure out how to use it, you’ll enjoy smoking food without any issues.

How to Use a Vertical Charcoal Smoker?

How to Use a Vertical Charcoal Smoker

People frequently rush to get the outdoor grill ready for a delectable barbecue with friends and family as the days grow pleasant. The industry has emerged and created a variety of cutting-edge barbecues that consistently provide excellent meals.

The smoky tastes of a vertical smoker melt in your mouth when applied to meats and veggies. You can even play around with different kinds of liquids and seasonings to give your meats a little extra oomph.

Knowing exactly how to use a vertical charcoal smoker is essential because it might have a variety of characteristics.

This kind of smoker also called a “bullet smoker,” is small and portable, making it ideal for use outside while grilling or smoking.

Simply because they are too simple to use for beginners, vertical smokers are famous on the market. When this article is over, you’ll be an expert smoker user.

Let’s get started straight now.

How to Use a Vertical Charcoal Smoker: Step By Step Guide

How to Use a Vertical Charcoal Smoker:Step By Step

Before we go into these procedures and how to smoke meat, we must understand the vertical smoker’s components.

It typically consists of three sections: the lid, the midsection, and the base. The spot where you put your food is when all the magic happens. The base piece adds fuel, covering the unit with a lid.

Following are the steps on how to use a vertical charcoal smoker:

Step 1: Unit Maintenance:

The smoker should be cleaned first by brushing off any sludge, filth, and debris that may have formed on the appliance. This is certainly relevant for smokers who use charcoal. These could tumble onto the food.

Cleaning your smoker’s lid, edges, and hinges should receive extra attention.

Step 2: Lighten the Smoker:

Use a chimney or a blowtorch to add fuel based on your requirements. Depending on the smoker’s construction, you can use wood, charcoal, or gas.

Before moving the gasoline to the unit’s base, give it 20 minutes. By now, the fuel ought to be hot. Just watch that it isn’t blazing excessively, as that would accelerate the rate at which the wood burns. Then you can add extra wood.

Step 3: Fill the bowl with water.

Vertical smokers have removable bowls located in the midsection. Place this bowl securely inside the smoker and fill it up with water. Feel free to add spices to the water to enhance your meat’s final flavor and aroma.

Step 4: Adding the food:

Now add the food you want to grill

Step 5: Increase the wood or charcoal:

How to Use a Vertical Charcoal Smoker

This action is optional. But at this point, some folks choose to lay more wood or charcoal on the smoker’s base.

Step 6: Reassemble the Smoker:

You put the smoker back together by fastening the base to the center part.

Step 7: Keep a Heat Check:

Let the food finish cooking. The amount of time will vary depending on the meal you’re cooking and the type of fuel you’re using. Occasionally check the temperature with your smoker’s external thermostat. You may expect your dinner to be ready in around 90 minutes.

How to Use a Char Broil Vertical Charcoal Smoker?

This straightforward cooking technique, a chargrill, broiler, or char-broiler, uses a set of grids that several biofuels can burn. Electricity, gas, wood, and even charcoal. There are domestic, and business uses for char-broiling.

The process leaves the meat or veggies with dark grill markings, quite similar to what you would get if you used a griddle pan.

Following are the main steps to using a char broil vertical charcoal smoker:

How to Use a Char Broil Vertical Charcoal Smoker

Step 1: Lighting up:

Two to three compartments are possible with vertical smokers. The bottom chamber is used to burn fuel for the remaining components.

Some types may also have a central chamber for water and wood chips. If this is not possible, you can use the lowest portions of the cooking chamber as trays for water and wood chunks.

Step 2: Start Cooking:

Given that the firebox lies immediately beneath your cooking food, a greased pan should be put on the bottom rack to capture leaking food juices.

Typically, your water is in the same pan as this one. Directly letting fat drip onto heated surfaces can start fires or release odors that might ruin your meal.

How to Use a Brinkmann Charcoal Smoker?

The Brinkmann Corporation produces both dry and water charcoal smokers.

Water smokers use a sizable pan of water or sauce for cooking and temperature control to baste the meat. Dry smokers allow for adding a water pan and cooking food more quickly.

Both varieties create soft meat with an authentic smoked flavour by cooking at a low temperature.

Following are a few steps to use a Brinkman Charcoal Smoker:

Step 1: Add charcoal and ignite it with the charcoal burner in the firebox or pan. Light the coals and let them burn for about 20 minutes, or until a lighter layer of ash forms on top and all of the starters has burnt off.

How to Use a Brinkmann Charcoal Smoker

Step 2: With water or marinade, fill the pan well within 1 inch of the top. Add wood chips to the coals when the smoker reaches between 210 and 250 degrees.

Step 3: Put the meat on the grills for cooking, then place the grills in the smoker. Place each piece of meat in its layer, leaving spaces between them.

Step 4: Check the water and charcoal at least once every two hours. At all times, maintain the temperature between 175 and 250 degrees, and keep a minimum of 3 feet of water in the pan. You can control the temperature and smoke by modifying the ducts and doors.

Step 5: Use a meat thermometer to check the doneness. Don’t judge by color since most meats will be pink on the inner part from the lengthy smoking process.

How to use a Masterbuilt Vertical Charcoal Smoker?

Master-built vertical smokers have 1300 sq inches of space, a vast enough space to cook the whole animal. Most models also offer Bluetooth connectivity and networking, so we can peep at what’s going on even if we are away.

Fundamental procedures are the same; all we have to do is put the charcoal and fire starters at the bottom of the tray and keep the charcoal burning for around to gain the desired temperature.

Make sure to remove the partition if you want to keep the temperature above 275 degrees Celcius or more. Below mentioned are a few steps to lighten up the master-built vertical smoker:

How to use a Masterbuilt Vertical Charcoal Smoker

Step 1: Set the thermostat to 275°F for 120 minutes and start the smoker according to the START-UP instructions.

Step 2:Adjust the temperature to 400°F after 120 minutes and allow the smoker to burn away the remaining charcoal.

Step 3: Allow the smoke to cool completely.

Step 4: Remove the soot from the smoker’s ash pan once it has cooled.

You can withdraw the cartridge and fill it up. Replace the loader or wood chip tray in the smoker and turn the lever to “Unload.” This will force the wood chips to fall perfectly into the wood chip tray, which is located just above the unit’s heat source.

FAQs: How to Use a Vertical Charcoal Smoker?

When smoking meat, most people advocate replenishing wood chips every 30 minutes. If you cook slowly, you should only need to add wood chips every two to three hours. Cooking at an elevated temp may necessitate adding wood chips every 15 minutes.

Because the heat rises from the bottom, the grill grates are frequently hotter. Frequently, the thermometer reads the ambient temperature rather than the temperature inside your fire grill.

Final Thoughts:

We’ve covered the fundamentals of How to use a vertical charcoal Smoker to smoke meats. Hopefully, you’ve purchased a high-quality vertical smoker that will last a long time.For further,you can visit our article about how to use a charcoal smoker grill.

You can even try out various smoking procedures and various kinds of wood, as suggested above, to achieve that particular taste and scent. There are numerous options available to you when using a vertical smoker. Therefore get out there and start smoking meat right immediately!