How To Use An Electric Smoker With Wood Chips?[Complete Guide]

Smoking is a comparatively low-heat form of convection cooking. Relatively, the most traditional form of outdoor smoking is produced by burning coals to provide heat, and wood chips are added during the cooking process.

Many people felt something missing from your smoked food. If you know about the procedure of smoking, if one step goes wrong, it will lay waste to the taste of food. So here I will give you a solution. Many peoples need to learn about wood chips for the production of smoke. In this informative article, I will guide you on how to use an electric smoker with wood chips.

Due to the advancement of technologies in this scientific era, an electric smoker is the best outdoor cooking device that smokes food and uses hot electric rods as its heating source. An electric Smoker is a unit that converts electric energy into heat and supplies it to the cooking chamber.

Wood chips or chunks for electric smoker in the chamber provide flavor to the food. It consists of a heating rod, wood chips tray, grill, water pan dampers, and vents. The question is how to use an electric smoker with wood chips.

The best material for electric smokers to produce smoke is adding wood chips or chunks for electric smoker. The first step of how to use an electric smoker with wood chips is to turn on the smoker. Set the temperature to about 250 degrees Celsius for 30 to 45 minutes. Fill up the water tray.

In the end, we remove the wood tray, and wood chunks from selected hardwood varieties are produced, which we put into the bottom, also called the firebox. Put the food on the cooking racks when it starts and then periodically check.

How to Use an Electric Smoker with Wood Chips?

How to Use an Electric Smoker with Wood Chips

There are many ways to use wood chips for smoking. The wood chip tray method is the simplest option. You can also use the foil pouch or smoker box if you prefer. To learn how to use an electric smoker with wood chips, go through this article and follow each step that I will guide you.

You must know exactly what you’re doing with your wood chips and the smoking process. So, to answer how to use an electric smoker with wood chips wood, we’re here to help you figure out the right way and the right amount of wood chips to use:

1. Fill The Water Pan

For the water pan, you will use hot water in the smoker and place it at the bottom of the chamber.

2. Preheat The Smoker

Preheat, the smoker for 25 minutes.

3. Add The Wood Chips

The electric smoker has a tray that must be removed, and wood chips must be added. While some smoker instructions say to add when preheating or some tells after heat.

4. Refill The Wood Chips

According to recommendations, you should add chips periodically rather than at one time.

How to Use a Masterbuilt Electric Smoker with Wood Chips?

How to Use a Masterbuilt Electric Smoker with Wood Chips

There are a few steps to know how to use a masterful smoker with wood chips. Follow the given instructions:

1. Checking for Leaks

This is the most crucial part, as you should know about the leakage of the masterbuilt electric smokers. It is mandatory to avoid leakage for proper ventilation.

2. Loading of Wood Chips

It includes a slide-out loading tray. Load the tray around half a cup or one cup of wood chips in an electric smoker. However, you should check tray capacity before adding wooding chips.

3. Turn on The Electric Smoker

This is the preheating process. When wood chips place into the tray, turn on the electric smoker.

4. Check the Internal Temperature

Check the internal temperature when the smoker is heated for about 20 to 30 minutes.

5. Place the Food

Now it is ready to put the food into racks.

How Much Wood Chips for Masterbuilt Electric Smoker?

How Much Wood Chips for Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

It depends on your desired flavour, heat, and amount of food. For Instance:

For Vegetables And Fruits

For vegetables and fruits, you need 2 to 4 ounces of wood chips

For Meat

For Chicken And Turkey, 5-6 Ounces Is Good Enough.

For Ribs

For ribs, you need 8 ounces of wood chips, and 10 ounces of wood chips to prepare briskets

For Tri-Tip

6-7 ounces of wood for smoking tri-tip

What Size Wood Chips for Masterbuilt Electric Smoker?

What Size Wood Chips for Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

Smoke production is designed ends on the size and types of wood. So, you should choose a suitable smoking wood for its size. The following are given below:

1. Wood Chips

This is a minor type of smoking wood. Wood chips are better used and consumed quickly by the electric smoker and have a quick ignition capacity than a charcoal smoker.

2. Wood Chunks

This is the derivative of wiid and the smallest type of smoking wood. Most commonly used for low and slow cooking purposes. Wood chunks typically burn within an hour and are best for larger meals, last ke beef, chicken and fish etc.

3. Wood Splits

This is the most significant type of smoking wood to use. Best for the long cook on offset smokers that can handle size

Electric Smoker Wood Chips Not Smoking?

Electric Smoker Wood Chips Not Smoking

When I experienced the use of an electric smoker who is not smoking. Then I thought that something I had done wrong. The other answer for electric smoker wood chips, not smoking, also depends on the wood type. So, the reason for electric smokers not smoking is that:

1. Soaked or Wet Wood Chips

Use of soaked or wet wood chips, which makes the electric smoker delay the smoking

2. Check Tray Capacity

Full of wood chips into the firebox at one time

3. Clean the Parts

Don’t clean the parts of the electric smokers.

Is an Electric Smoker with Wood Chips Not Burning?

Is an Electric Smoker with Wood Chips Not Burning

There can be a few reasons why your electric smoker is not smoking. The leading cause is that :

1. Adjustment Of The Tray

Your chip tray needs to be resting correctly on the burner element. When your smoker is cold you can bend the tray support or the tray to make complete contact with the element.

If you find your electric smoker is still not smoking, check the tray is clean and is touching or as near the heating element as possible! A clean try ensures a better chance of the chips smoking without any debris or dirt in the way.

2. Avoid Soaking Woodchips

Avoid using wet chips, as this can slow the smoking process down ultimately. Try your electrical smoker with some dry chips and see if there is a difference.

It’s also worth experimenting with different flavors of wood chips to see if that makes a difference. More minor wood chips often smoke easier, and many options are available.

If you are still experiencing issues, we recommend contacting Masterbuilt’s customer support. Usually, one or a combination of these suggestions will see your smoker smoking again.

FAQs: How to Use an Electric Smoker with Wood Chips?

Wood is a crucial component for smoking; you need to get the timing right. It would be good to wait to add wood; otherwise, it will burn out before the meat is in the smoker. The first 2-3 hours are critical. Once the bark has developed on the outer layer of the food, smoke will not be able to penetrate.

Regarding recommendations, you can add wood chunks after heating an electrical smoker, while some tell us to add them when the smoker preheats. So, it depends on your smoker's instructions.


The electric smoker machine is a more recent advancement tool in the cooking world, but the smoking of food has been used for thousands of years ago. So, this article will give you complete instructions regarding electric smoker usage, food chunks, preparation methods, dos and don’t, etc., when, why, and how to use this tool. You must read it.