When to Take Brisket Off Smoker?[Complete Guide]

So finally, you have attempted to begin smoking a brisket for the first time and wondering about when to take brisket off smoker. Everything is up to the mark and ready, including the dry rub. You have trimmed your brisket and have already preheated the smoker for tonight’s party.

Now you are searching for the exact answer for when to take brisket off smoker? So good news is for you as you are precisely at the right place where you will find the super related information about your search.

Apart from being the most common question, there is no exact answer to this query. Besides being simple and unique, smoking a brisket tells you when it is ready, but do you know how to listen to it?

Every piece of meat is different and therefore requires different cooking times, but the practice is the key. In this article, we will tell you some nuggets about smoking a brisket so you would be able to listen to its delicious call.

When To Take Brisket Off Smoker?

When To Take Brisket Off Smoker

It is essential to know precisely when to take brisket off smoker. If you pull a brisket off the smoker too early, it will remain undercooked, thereby not becoming moist and juicy.

Therefore, it is recommended to take the brisket off when it has reached an internal temperature of at least 175 °F. Moreover, this temperature varies with different recipes and increases according to the quality of the brisket you want.

The reason for not becoming succulent and tender is the collagen in the beef, a type of connective tissue that hasn’t got the required time to change into gelatin.

Why Does It Take Longer to Smoke a Brisket?

A brisket cuts meat into a large piece rich in collagen. It is changed into gelatin on heating this collagen, a type of connective tissue.

The longer time required to smoke a brisket also depends on the size of the cut as compared to heating a steak.

What Temperature Is Ideal for Smoking a Brisket?

What Temperature Is Ideal for Smoking a Brisket

There is not a fixed temperature that has to provide to smoke a brisket, but it is suggested to keep it from 195 – 203F.

Many professionals recommend that 200F is best for brisket. Along with this, the texture can also give an idea about how long the cooking time should be, but checking the internal temperature gives you an accurate idea.

A common practice is following this procedure where 1 hr and 30 min is required per lb of brisket with a cooking temperature of 225F.

Aaron Franklin, What Temperature to Pull Brisket?

Aaron Franklin What Temperature to Pull Brisket

Not a fixed answer can be given to this question regarding what temperature to pull brisket as it can vary depending on many factors, including the choice to consume brisket.

Smoked brisket with an internal temperature of 145F will still be edible and safe to consume, but it will not be juicy until reaching an internal temperature of 185-195F.

However, higher-pulled briskets will be dark and crispier with a rich aroma. However, Aaron Franklin, considered a legend in barbecue, recommends pulling the meat between 195F-203F.For more, you can visit our article about how to smoke meat on a charcoal grill.

Is Brisket Done At 180F?

Is Brisket Done At 180F

Your brisket is edible after reaching the internal temperature of 145F-175F; however, the tenderness and juiciness will not be achieved until it reaches an internal temperature of 185-195F.

According to Aaron Franklin, 195F is the temperature that works magically to smoke a brisket; however, some other experts suggest 202F as the best temperature.

Although there are opinions of some other experts also suggesting a range of internal temperature of meat between 180-190F.

How To Check If Your Brisket Is Done or Not?

Apart from knowing the correct and exact temperature at which your brisket will be smoked, you have to check also in between the procedure, as overcooking will be the last thing you want with your brisket.

To do it accurately, it’s better to check your brisket by following these 3 simple steps in the exact sequence.

Step 1: Check the Temperature

How To Check If Your Brisket Is Done or Not

For making your brisket succulent and juicy, ensure it reaches an internal temperature of at least 195F, and it should be maintained for at least 30 minutes. Keep in mind that the temperature can be increased up to 10 degrees after removing it from the heat.

Step 2: Feel Your Brisket

Isn’t it amazing that you can feel the tenderness of your brisket by just moving it with your hands? Yes, the connective tissue is converted into gelatin so you will feel the cello-like texture if it is done. But wait, don’t forget to put on double gloves.

Step 3: Check It with A Probe

Now the last step for checking your brisket is to insert a meat thermometer probe to know the meat’s exact internal temperature. Let it be there to check for a few minutes if the temperature is maintained.

Why Is Wrapping A Brisket Important?

Wrapping is an integral part of your smoking procedure to lock moisture inside the brisket and prevent it from drying out due to the evaporation process of the brisket, which will immediately stop the cooking process.

In this way, wrapping speeds up the cooking process by preventing the evaporation process thereby making a thin film of juices on the top of the brisket to reduce the sweating process of your brisket.

Wrapping also gives the brisket its final look by keeping the temperature maintained. And the temperature is increased by a few degrees, and due to this fact, the moisture content is locked in the meat.

When To Wrap Brisket?

When To Wrap Brisket

Most barbecue experts recommend that wrapping be done when the brisket reaches an internal temperature of 165F-170F.

After reaching this temperature, the cooking process is usually slowed down, and the meat reaches “the stall” phase.

How To Wrap a Brisket?

How To Wrap a Brisket
  1. After checking whether your brisket is done, you have to wrap it using good-quality aluminum foil or butcher paper. Using butcher paper will prevent it from overcooking.
  2. Wrapping should be done tightly to avoid leakage.
  3. Place the probe inside the meat to check the internal temperature.

Resting The Brisket

Resting the brisket after it is done is a significant and critical step apart from being the last step of your smoking process. You can rest the brisket by unwrapping it for an hour or two at room temperature.

Suppose the internal temperature has reached relatively high, and you don’t want carryover cooking as it happens to increase up to 10 degrees after resting. In that case, you can also rest your brisket in a cooler.

Importance Of Resting Your Brisket

Have you ever thought about why resting your brisket is essential? Yes, you are right about maintaining the moisture content in your brisket; otherwise, immediate slicing and serving will lose a lot of liquid content from your meat.

If you skip this step, your several hours of meticulous cooking will be wasted, and your brisket will be dried out in front of your eyes, so patience is the key to a crunchy and juicy brisket.

After a few hours of rest, the final step for cooking meat on high heat, your masterpiece is ready to be carved and sliced.

Nuggets Of Information About Smoking A Brisket

Nuggets Of Information About Smoking A Brisket

         While placing a brisket in a smoker, try to put the fattier end towards the fire to smoke it evenly throughout.

         a moist brisket smokes deliciously. For this purpose, water, beef broth, or apple juice can be used.

         After placing the brisket inside, be patient and do not interrupt the smoking process by checking the meat frequently to regulate the desired temperature.

         Practice is the key to making a perfect brisket.

FAQs: When to Take Brisket Off Smoker?

Aaron Franklin, considered a legend in barbecue, suggests a temperature of 195F and considers it an ideal temperature that works like magic in smoking a brisket.

Final thoughts

Smoking a brisket is quite a simple process if done by remembering some key points about when to pull brisket off smoker. Pulling should be avoided at all costs before reaching the internal temperature of at least 170F.

After unwrapping the brisket, proper resting, at least one hour should be done. It should be given a rest period while wrapped, as air circulation is essential to prevent the brisket from overcooking.